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Peaceful Passing offers support and care for pets who have an incurable disease or are at the natural end of their life. By incorporating palliative care (pain management, optimizing nutrition, assisting with mobility), our doctors and staff will help you and your pet live life as fully as possible until it is time to say goodbye. The diseases that most frequently require hospice care are:


• Cancer

• Organ failure

• Neurological disease

• Senior pets including advanced arthritis


Give us a call today and let us help make your pet as comfortable as possible. 


Quality of Life 

At Home Pet Euthanasia, In Home Pet Euthanasia
In Home Pet Euthanasia


It is not always clear if humane euthanasia is the right choice for your pet or if medical management and hospice care is more appropriate. That is why our doctors perform a Quality of Life exam. Our doctors will take the time to carefully consult with you, addressing your concerns and help you and your family create the best possible care for your pet. And if humane euthanasia is decided, our doctors and staff will do our very best to make the process as peaceful as possible. 

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